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The Book – The Supremacist Syndrome

“Why are racists more likely to be sexists, too? And why are they more likely to support the exploitation of nonhuman animals and the natural world? In this book, you will learn how these different forms of oppression are linked together by a desire for inequality and social dominance, the supremacist syndrome.

This book looks at different forms of supremacism and answers questions like:

  • What do different forms of oppression have in common?
  • How do supremacists ruthlessly exploit others and still live with themselves?
  • Why are supremacists more likely to deny climate change? and
  • Why is our treatment of nonhuman animals like other forms of prejudice?

Finally, this book provides practical information about what you can do to help make it a more equal world, like supporting cross-cultural collaboration, humane education, veganism, and supranational organizations.

Whether you’re fighting for equality and against male supremacists, white supremacists, or human supremacists, reading this book should help you in your fight. “

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Vincent Dublado for Readers’ Favorite

“The Supremacist Syndrome may become a manifesto for humane education programs and an invaluable lesson in how our misplaced sense of pride can evolve into prejudice. . . .This is a must-read work . . .”

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Kirkus Reviews

“In a novel, convincing argument, Marsh claims that the process of ‘moral disengagement’ employed to justify the harsh treatment of animals is similar to reasoning used by supremacists throughout history to justify genocide and oppression. . . .

The book’s climactic final chapter, ‘Overcoming Supremacism,’ focuses on practical ways that readers can oppose all forms of supremacism that exist in the 21st century, from helping organizations that serve refugees to working with children’s educational programs that teach environmental and humane values. Backed by solid research and impressive endnotes, this is an erudite, well-written book . . .”

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The Independent Book Review

“The author writes with perfect equilibrium, oscillating between an academic, learned tone and an organized narrative structure. . . .

The Supremacist Syndrome is a much-needed contribution to our current society. . . Peter Marsh is a talented communicator who can transmit complex information in an appealing fashion that doesn’t feel diluted; the reader is given the full picture. Even readers who might be discouraged by a book like this will find the writer’s style compelling and the topic too important to dismiss.”

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